Tangent Mirror - Large

43.990 kr

Featuring notable bent edges, the Tangent Mirror tricks the mind into believing that it levitates from the wall. The name of the mirror echoes the unique design where the surfaces are tangent with the radius of the bends. Owing to its sleek design, the mirror suits any room - even as a decorative element in the living room - and can be hung vertically and horizontally.

Stainless steel with mirror polish
304 stainless steel - mirror polished. Can hang vertical and horizontal. Registered design. Due to the stainless steel material and curved edges, reflections of individuals standing with a distance of more than 1,5-2 metres away from the mirror will appear slightly distorted
Color Silver
Measurements W: 33 x H: 100 x D: 3.9 cm
Care Instructions Wipe with a soft damp cloth or gently clean with soft sponge and mild detergent